North American Bird Order: Caprimulgiformes

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Family: Caprimulgidae

Subfamily: Chordeilinae
• Lurocalis semitorquatus: Short-tailed Nighthawk
• Chordeiles acutipennis: Lesser Nighthawk
• Chordeiles minor: Common Nighthawk
• Chordeiles gundlachii: Antillean Nighthawk

Subfamily: Caprimulginae
• Nyctidromus albicollis: Common Pauraque
• Phalaenoptilus nuttallii: Common Poorwill
• Siphonorhis americanua: Jamaican Pauraque
• Siphonorhis brewsteri: Least Pauraque
• Nyctiphrynus mcleodii: Eared Poorwill
• Nyctiphrynus yucatanicus: Yucatan Poorwill
• Nyctiphrynus ocellatus: Ocellated Poorwill
• Caprimulgus carolinensis: Chuck-will's-widow
• Caprimulgus rufus: Rufous Nightjar
• Caprimulgus cubanensis: Greater Antillean Nightjar
• Caprimulgus salvini: Tawny-collared Nightjar
• Caprimulgus badius: Yucatan Nightjar
• Caprimulgus ridgwayi: Buff-collared Nightjar
• Caprimulgus vociferus: Whip-poor-will
• Caprimulgus noctitherus: Puerto Rican Nightjar
• Caprimulgus saturatus: Dusky Nightjar
• Caprimulgus cayennensis: White-tailed Nightjar
• Caprimulgus maculicaudus: Spot-tailed Nightjar
• Caprimulgus indicus: Gray Nightjar

Family: Nyctibiidae

• Nyctibius grandis: Great Potoo
• Nyctibius griseus: Common Potoo
• Nyctibius jamaicensis: Northern Potoo

Family: Steatornithidae

• Steatornis caripensis: Oilbird
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