North American Bird Order: Ciconiiformes

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Family: Ardeidae

• Botaurus pinnatus: Pinnated Bittern
• Botaurus lentiginosus: American Bittern
• Ixobrychus sinensis : Yellow Bittern
• Ixobrychus exilis: Least Bittern
• Tigrisoma lineatum: Rufescent Tiger-Heron
• Tigrisoma fasciatum: Fasciated Tiger-Heron
• Tigrisoma mexicanum: Bare-throated Tiger-Heron
• Ardea herodias: Great Blue Heron
• Ardea cinerea: Gray Heron
• Ardea cocoi: Cocoi Heron
• Ardea alba: Great Egret
• Egretta eulophotes: Chinese Egret
• Egretta garzetta: Little Egret
• Egretta gularis: Western Reef-Heron
• Egretta thula: Snowy Egret
• Egretta caerulea: Little Blue Heron
• Egretta tricolor: Tricolored Heron
• Egretta rufescens: Reddish Egret
• Bubulcus ibis: Cattle Egret
• Ardeola bacchus: Chinese Pond-Heron
• Butorides virescens: Green Heron
• Butorides striata: Striated Heron
• Agamia agami: Agami Heron
• Pilherodius pileatus: Capped Heron
• Nycticorax nycticorax: Black-crowned Night-Heron
• Nyctanassa violacea: Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
• Cochlearius cochlearius: Boat-billed Heron

Family: Threskiornithidae

Subfamily: Threskiornithinae
• Eudocimus albus: White Ibis
• Eudocimus ruber: Scarlet Ibis
• Plegadis falcinellus: Glossy Ibis
• Plegadis chihi: White-faced Ibis
• Mesembrinibis cayennensis: Green Ibis
• Theristicus caudatus: Buff-necked Ibis

Subfamily: Plataleinae
• Platalea ajaja: Roseate Spoonbill

Family: Ciconiidae

• Jabiru mycteria: Jabiru
• Mycteria americana: Wood Stork

Family: Cathartidae

• Coragyps atratus: Black Vulture
• Cathartes aura: Turkey Vulture
• Cathartes burrovianus: Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
• Gymnogyps californianus: California Condor
• Sarcoramphus papa: King Vulture
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