North American Bird Order: Trogoniformes

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Family: Trogonidae

Subfamily: Trogoninae
• Priotelus temnurus: Cuban Trogon
• Priotelus roseigaster: Hispaniolan Trogon
• Trogon melanocephalus: Black-headed Trogon
• Trogon citreolus: Citreoline Trogon
• Trogon viridis: White-tailed Trogon
• Trogon bairdii: Baird's Trogon
• Trogon violaceus: Violaceous Trogon
• Trogon mexicanus: Mountain Trogon
• Trogon elegans: Elegant Trogon
• Trogon collaris: Collared Trogon
• Trogon aurantiiventris: Orange-bellied Trogon
• Trogon rufus: Black-throated Trogon
• Trogon melanurus: Black-tailed Trogon
• Trogon massena: Slaty-tailed Trogon
• Trogon clathratus: Lattice-tailed Trogon
• Euptilotis neoxenus: Eared Quetzal
• Pharomachrus auriceps: Golden-headed Quetzal
• Pharomachrus mocinno: Resplendent Quetzal
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