Buy Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular (3x) from Amazon

Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular (3x)

Buy Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular (3x) for sale

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Night Owl iGen Night Vision Scope- Night Owl iGen NV20/20night vision scope- Ambient light amplification adjustable, up to 10,000x- Variable frame rate (2fps to 30fps)- Works day or night- Infrared intelligence: 3 modes- Wattage adjusts automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness- Enhanced infrared sensitivity: double that ofintensifier tube technology- Clarity across the screen, edge to edge- Variable display brightness- Programmable time out features- Coloroutput choices- Video composite output- 2.6xMagnification- 12 Degree angle of view- Field of view 70ft. at 330ft.- Range of view infinity- Resolution edge to edge 30 lp/mm- Power supply 4 AA batteriesNONOIGM3X
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