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Marbles traditional brass body compasses are a 100 year old institution with outdoorsmen worldwide. Hand held GPS units are all the rage today. But anyone who actually uses them quickly finds out their limitations. Overhead cover can block the signal and when the batteries go dead it's useless. It also takes a software engineer to remember how to operate all of the features. The Marbles compass is simple to use and requires no power source. At a bare minimum you should carry a compass to verify that your GPS is actually working. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation plastic compasses. They fail to rotate properly and a huge air bubble forms if you're out in cold weather. The Marbles compass is precision CNC machined out of solid brass bar stock. The brass casing is strong, malleable, waterproof, and will not rust. The movement rotates on an ultra smooth agate jewel bearing and the crystal is virtually shatter proof. With a distinctive revolving black face and green luminous letters the compass is easy to read. Made to last a lifetime and beyond!!
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