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Waterfowl Junkie The Bird Hitch Original Bird Breaster

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The WaterFowl Junkie Bird Hitch is the ultimate tool for the traveling hunter. It`s an investment that will last a lifetime saving you countless hours cleaning birds. The Bird Hitch is constructed completely from Stainless steel. It leaves wings or wings and head attached to breast for legal transportation and works with any 2 inch receiver hitch. Makes the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything. The Bird Hitch is designed for hunters that take out of town trips for several days where you are required to leave a wing on for legal transportation. The Bird Hitch is great for out of town trips, hot days when you want to toss breasts in a cooler or just removing breasts in the field to avoid discarding the carcass at home. With The Bird Hitch you can also leave the head on if that is what your state requires. There is also saw teeth for wing removal. The Bird Hitch Works fast on: Ducks Geese Pheasants Grouse ** Helpful tip for Large Canadas, try cutting head off close to the body with hacksaw or sharp knife and then use as directed.
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