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Knight and Hale Pack Rack Deer Call (Rattling System)

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Knight & Hale Rack Mag

he Knight & Hale Pack Rack Magnum Rattling System is just what you need to lure in dominant bucks. This unique rattling system replicates the sounds of dominant bucks or elk fighting. This call is loud enough for use on windy days when other rattling systems simply are not powerful enough to successfully call in a buck.

When Knight & Hale Calls, Wildlife Answers.

The Pack Rack Rattling system features the ultimate realism in sound while providing total control of the fighting sequence to recreate the cadence and intensity of two fighting bucks with stunning realism and sufficient volume to call in deer from a distance.

The Call of Champions

Hunters rely on Knight & Hale for the most compelling, natural-sounding game calls on the market. Our standards of performance, reliability, and realism are unparalleled. Thatís why hunters consistently take Knight & Hale calls into the field, and thatís why our calls win countless world championships. Knight & Hale is the authority for innovative turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game, and big game calls. Whatever your prey, when Knight & Hale calls, wildlife answers.

Rack Mag Key Features
  • Unique high-density plastic
  • Creates the lifelike sound of big bucks locked in combat
  • Great volume at long range
  • Easy to carry
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