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Solid Brass Lewis & Clark Pocket Compass 3

Buy Solid Brass Lewis & Clark Pocket Compass 3" - Compasses Under $20 Retail - Model Ship - Nautical Home Decoration for sale

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The Hampton Nautical solid brass antique pocket compass is a polished to a mirror-like shine. The antique patina compass looks just like a 100-year-old antique but with a shiny and brand new feel. The antique finish needs no maintenance and can be handled without fingerprints discoloring the brass. There is a small lever on the side of either compass that operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. The compass is 2-inches in diameter and weighs half a pound. The compass rose is graduated in degrees and has a standard surveyor's 0- to 90-degree scale from North and South. Custom engraving is available on this brass pocket compass with a minimum quantity purchase. Contact us for details. Polished brass housing for compass Needle lift operates to protect bearing Hinged lid closes to protect compass Custom engraving available on large quantity orders
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