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2 Line Speakerphone

Buy 2 Line Speakerphone for sale

- TMC 2 Line speakerphone
- Caller ID call waiting caller ID
- 99# Caller ID history
- 80# Phonebook
- Caller ID display dial
- Access up to two separate phonelines at the touch of a button; you can place anycall on hold and switch to another line
- Dual color line status indication: line lamp lights green if you are using the line or red if someone isusing the line at another station
- Jumbo pivoting backlit LCD for easy viewing even in the dark; shows
number dialed clock calendar and fullcaller ID information
- Self-setting clock
- Auto call timer
- DSL ready: phone has a built-in DSL filter eliminating the need for any external DSL filters
- Visual message waiting indicator
- Flashing lamp indicates new messages in your telephone company voice mailbox (lamp is both FSK and stutter dial tone compatible and is also 90V compatible)
- Press voicemail button for easy one-touch access to telephone company voice mail
-Voicemail navigation buttons (play MSG back forward repeat
skip pause exit save MSG eraseMSG send MSG reply to MSG forward MSG time/date and help) work with telephone company voice mail and are preset with all the appropriate codes
- Network services button accesses a preprogrammed list of telephone company services for easy onetouch access
- New call lamp
- Toll restriction allows you to restrict specific numbers and prevent unauthorized calls
- Music on hold jack allows you to connect a radio or tape player to your telephone
- 2.5mm Headset jack with a dedicated headset button and a built-in headset amplifier make adding a headset easy and convenient
- Data/fax jack
- Distinctive ringing: assign one of eight distinctive rings to each line separately especially useful in Centrex applications
- Hands free speakerphone
- Programmable flash timing
- Tone/pulse switchable
- 5 Number redial list/hold with reminder/mute
- Auto line selection
- Static m
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