Buy 5LB Wildgame Pastur Mix (Pack of 8) from Amazon

5LB Wildgame Pastur Mix (Pack of 8)

Buy 5LB Wildgame Pastur Mix (Pack of 8) for sale

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5 LB, Wildgame Pasture Mix, Specially Blended For Wildgame Plots, Protein Rich Nutrients For Fast Establishment & Superior Regrowth Keeps Wildgame Returning To Plots To Graze, Contains Clover & Chicory Which Consistently Attract Game, Clover Naturally Fertilizes Plot To Encourage Regrowth, Blend Also Contains Oats, Festulolium & Turnip, Things All Wildgame Crave, Great For Attracting Deer, Elk, Wild Birds, Turkeys, Pheasant & Dove.
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