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Ambient Weather LD-3000-WS-HE01-KIT Handheld Strike Alert HD Lightning Detector and Heat Stress Monitor Safety Kit

Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter w/ Windspeed, Temperature, Wind Chill

Ambient Weather WM-3 Handheld Weather Meter with Temperature and Humidity

Ambient Weather WM-35 Handheld Weather Meter with Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Heat Index, Wind Chill and Barometer

Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station w/ Windspeed, Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Dew Point, Comfort Index, Psychrometer

Ambient Weather WM-5 Handheld Weather Station w/ Windspeed, Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Heat Index, Pressure & Altitude

Ambient Weather WM-TRIPOD Universal Portable Mounting Tripod for Handheld Wind Meters

Ambient Weather WR-099-SOLARBAG Compact Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/WeatherBand Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger, Cables and Solar Bag Kit

Ambient Weather WS-109 Handheld Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Clock & Compass

Ambient Weather WS-HE01 Handheld Heat Stress Index, Dew Point Monitor with Temperature, Humidity

Davis Instruments 6251 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

Extech SD800 CO2/Humidity/Temperature Datalogger

Handheld Anemometer w Digital Display - DiC-3

Handheld anemometer with backlight


Highgear Terrapod Weather Station

iGadgitz Xtra Digital LCD Indoor Humidity Meter Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature with Alarm Clock Calendar + Stand & Wall Mount

iGadgitz Xtra Digital LCD Indoor Humidity Meter Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature with Stand & Fridge Mount Magnet

La Crosse EA-3010U Weather Station - Handheld Anemometer ( Yellow )

La Crosse Technology 14.1504 TFA Kuchen-Chef Radio-Controlled Grill and Meat Thermometer

La Crosse Technology 30.5016 Handheld Digital Professional Thermo-Hygrometer

La Crosse Technology 30.5025 Handheld Digital Professional Thermo-Hygrometer

La Crosse Technology 30.5502 TFA Handheld HumidCheck Moisture Measuring Instrument

La Crosse Technology 31.1020 Professional P300 Digital Thermometer with Insertion Probe

La Crosse Technology 810-106 NOAA/AM/FM Severe Weather Alert Radio with solar panel or hand crank recharging power, USA-made IC chip for High Quality Digital reception, mobile device charging port, rugged design with non-slip rubberized black finish and high intensity LED flashlight

La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR NOAA/AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with One Button Alert for Tornado Only

LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY 914-604 Wireless IR Thermometer

La Crosse Technology EA-3010U Handheld Travel Anemometer with backlight and included Neck lanyard

Milliongadgets(TM) Smart Portable LCD Wind Speed Gauge Meter Sport Anemometer NTC Thermometer

Motorola Desktop Weather-Alert Radio, with 7 NOAA Weather Channels and Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS), Early Warning System for Disasters, Provides AM & FM Weather Radio, 2 Alarm and Snooze Settings with 10 AM/FM Radio Presets, White/Black Finish
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