North American Bird Order: Charadriiformes

Family: Burhinidae

Family: Charadriidae

Subfamily: Charadriinae
  • Pluvialis squatarola: Black-bellied Plover
  • Pluvialis apricaria: European Golden-Plover
  • Pluvialis dominica: American Golden-Plover
  • Pluvialis fulva: Pacific Golden-Plover
  • Charadrius mongolus: Lesser Sand-Plover
  • Charadrius leschenaultii: Greater Sand-Plover
  • Charadrius collaris: Collared Plover
  • Charadrius alexandrinus: Snowy Plover
  • Charadrius wilsonia: Wilson's Plover
  • Charadrius hiaticula: Common Ringed Plover
  • Charadrius semipalmatus: Semipalmated Plover
  • Charadrius melodus: Piping Plover
  • Charadrius dubius: Little Ringed Plover
  • Charadrius vociferus: Killdeer
  • Charadrius montanus: Mountain Plover
  • Charadrius morinellus: Eurasian Dotterel
  • Family: Haematopodidae

    Family: Recurvirostridae

    Family: Jacanidae

    Family: Scolopacidae

    Subfamily: Phalaropodinae
  • Phalaropus tricolor: Wilson's Phalarope
  • Phalaropus lobatus: Red-necked Phalarope
  • Phalaropus fulicarius: Red Phalarope
  • Family: Glareolidae

    Family: Laridae

    Subfamily: Sterninae
  • Anous stolidus: Brown Noddy
  • Anous minutus: Black Noddy
  • Procelsterna cerulea: Blue-gray Noddy
  • Gygis alba: White Tern
  • Onychoprion fuscatus: Sooty Tern
  • Onychoprion lunatus: Gray-backed Tern
  • Onychoprion anaethetus: Bridled Tern
  • Onychoprion aleuticus: Aleutian Tern
  • Sternula albifrons: Little Tern
  • Sternula antillarum: Least Tern
  • Sternula superciliaris: Yellow-billed Tern
  • Phaetusa simplex: Large-billed Tern
  • Gelochelidon nilotica: Gull-billed Tern
  • Hydroprogne caspia: Caspian Tern
  • Larosterna inca: Inca Tern
  • Chlidonias niger: Black Tern
  • Chlidonias leucopterus: White-winged Tern
  • Chlidonias hybrida: Whiskered Tern
  • Sterna dougallii: Roseate Tern
  • Sterna hirundo: Common Tern
  • Sterna paradisaea: Arctic Tern
  • Sterna forsteri: Forster's Tern
  • Thalasseus maximus: Royal Tern
  • Thalasseus bergii: Great Crested Tern
  • Thalasseus sandvicensis: Sandwich Tern
  • Thalasseus elegans: Elegant Tern
  • Subfamily: Rynchopinae
  • Rynchops niger: Black Skimmer
  • Family: Stercorariidae

    Family: Alcidae

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