Why Not Feed Bread to Ducks and Geese

It is tempting to feed bread to the ducks and geese that you see at the park, however, this is unhealthy for them and unhealthy for the body of water and the other creatures that inhabit the area. Potato chips, crackers, popcorn, donuts, cereal and other fast foods are also unhealthy.

Why Not Feed Ducks Bread

Bread is not a balanced meal for ducks or geese, or for humans. It doesn't matter if is it white or wheat or sour dough. It does not contain the correct calories or nutrition to keep them healthy. It is junk food with no nutritional value. Beyond being unhealthy, if they fill up on too much bread (as we often do when dining at a restaurant) they will not eat foods that are beneficial for them. This can lead to illness and deformed wings.

The next time you are at the park and see a "Do Not Feed the Ducks" sign, please remember that they are counting on you to keep them healthy.

Waterways and Diseases

Two white ducks floating in green water

Other reasons why you should not feed bread to birds is that any uneaten bread will rot and then pollute the lake or stream. Then, surface algae can form in the waterways, which make the birds sick and kill fish. This is true for baby or juvenile ducks, Mallards, Muscovy, Pekin, or any other wild or pet ducks. You're not supposed to feed bread to any duck or geese!

Where to Buy Duck Feed and Signs

Now that you understand you're not supposed to feed ducks bread, consider instead giving them a nutritional meal. Check with local authorities to make sure that feeding ducks is not a violation, then buy duck feed on Amazon.com.

"Do Not Feed Ducks & Geese" signs are also for sale on Amazon.com.

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