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Life Skills 101: Wall Calendar 2022-2023 Planner For Kids And Teens For Fun and ...

Product Details

PLANNER PLUS CALENDAR: 2-in-1 wall calendar 2022 2023 monthly. Stay on track with your goals all year with space for your appointments, thoughts, reminders, and whatever else you may want to fill the 2023 calendar wall page. In this monthly calendar, there is room for your child to be creative; non-specific dates so this kids planner calendar will never age out! A CRUCIAL LIFE SKILL FOR EVERY MONTH: Every page of this is an infographic focused on essential life skills for teens that your child will thank you for in the future. This 2023 wall calendar maintains a clear focus each month and allows you to truly understand and master each topic of the motivational calendar which covers everything from organization skills to emotional intelligence to living in harmony with others. CHOOSE HOW TO USE IT: Use this versatile planning teens and kids wall calendar 2022 2023 however you need to maximize its effectiveness; you can put the monthly wall calendar on the table or on your lap, hand it on the wall - this is a perfect wall calendar for kids room. LEARN SUBCONSCIOUSLY: with this 2022 calendar having visuals up on your wall increases retention by 40%. Our calendar 2022 2023 every day reminds kids and teens of who they want to be and how they want to act will form a positive mindset for your child. Calendar planner for kids helps your child to manage their time. ACCESSIBLE TO A WIDE RANGE OF AGES: our small calendar 2023 is not just for kids and proves itself much more engaging and bright than boring, old, run-of-the-mill wall calendars usually marketed toward adults; this fun and creative small wall calendar will easily brighten up your office and your life. The skills it covers are as important to have at 10 as they are at 35

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