Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups, Clear Window Bird Feeders for Outsi...

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BIRD WINDOW FEEDER GIFT, Perfect for birding and bird lovers, our window bird feeder is a great outdoor present for kids, cats, and the elderly. They arrive in a holiday-ready box, perfect for the season! SUCTION CUP BIRD FEEDER WINDOW, 6 Ultra-Strong weatherproof suction cups are included. To install, clean your window on both sides, slightly dampen suction cups then press them onto the window firmly to secure. YOUR NEW FAVORITE BIRD BUDDY, Bird feeders for outdoors hanging from Nature's Hangout are EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN! Simply slide out our patented tray, fill with your favorite seed, and slide back in. To clean, just wipe with a cloth. The elderly and children will have NO trouble! WINDOW MOUNTED BIRD FEEDER, Bird feeders for outside by Nature's Hangout provide an unobstructed view! With no hole to get in the way, the clear backing is the perfect place to watch and enjoy your favorite birds. SQUIRREL FREE WINDOW BIRD FEEDER INSIDE HOUSE, Squirrels can't climb glass! Keep your feeder 5 feet away from any ledges and viola! The drip holes in the bottom of the tray keep your seed dry for only your favorite birds to enjoy!

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