LUXUN Astronomy Binoculars, 20X80 Binoculars for Adults High Powered, Outdoor Bi...

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?HD Binocular and bak-4 prisms? The Binoculars is a favorite among those who view in dim conditions near dawn and dusk or for astronomy purposes. BaK-4 prisms deliver excellent light transmission for brighter and sharper image quality. ?Powerful 20x magnification? With our enhanced Binoculars 20x80, you get massive 80mm objective lenses, This Binoculars is ideal for those who love astronomy binoculars. ?Includes tripod adapter? As an additional convenience to your sky-watching activities, our 80mm powerful binoculars include an integrated photo tripod adapter for easy hands-free use and portability. ?Durable and water-resistant? A rugged, armored body provides protection and secure gripping surface, ensuring product durability for years to come. Its water-resistant exterior means you wont have to worry about getting caught in unexpected rainy weather. ?Suitable for various scenarios? Make you closer to the wonderful world. LUXUN binoculars are great not only for birdwatching but for more outdoor activities and large stage plays such as stargazing, hunting, climbing, hiking, driving, watching vocal concerts, a football game, etc.

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